Friday, February 6, 2009

The Top 5 Ab Exercises

I just got home from the gym a little while ago and
there must have been at least a dozen people (or more)
who were all doing basic ab exercises like crunches,
leg raises, etc. But the sad thing is that 99% of
them will never get any closer to achieving
6 pack abs by training this way.

And it is not from lack of effort, I know some of these
people have literally been doing daily ab exercises for
YEARS and they still have a soft mushy mid-section.

If you can relate to this and maybe even know of
someone like this personally (ie. like maybe YOU)
who has tried everything, but still can't get lean
ripped abs then I have some good news...

Remember that I mentioned earlier about my friend
Nick Nilsson's killer 50% Off Discount Sale on all
of his best fitness programs for this week only.

Well, he's got a GREAT abdominal training book in the
mix that is jam PACKED with some of the most effective,
and unique ab exercises that you've never seen before.

I can promise that when you start putting these ab
exercises into practice, you will see better results
in a single MONTH then you would get in an entire year
of doing the standard run of the mill ab exercises that
most people do in the gym.

And if you want to know the reason why basic exercises
such as crunches are NOT a good exercise for flattening
your abs (even though everybody thinks they are)
just click on the link below...

In fact Nick is so confident these unique ab exercises
are going to change your ab traning forever, he would
like to offer you five of his "Best Abdominal" exercises
to try out so you can see (and feel) for yourself just
how powerful they are.

These movements will help you develop such a powerful
mid-section that your six-pack abs will stand out in a
crowd. And even if your bodyfat levels creep up a little,
your abs will STILL look fantastic!

One thing that bugs that crap out of both Nick and
myself is seeing people wasting their effort in the
gym on exercises that just don't get the job done.
When people don't see results, they very often quit
in discouragement and it's a shame...

So please don't let this happen to you.
Just click on the link below right now to sign up for
the five FREE exercises, delivered right to your email.
Trust me once you try these exercises you'll feel the
difference from the VERY FIRST REP!


  1. Hi Lee, I'm not sure where or even if I can get an answer before ordering your glutes program. See, I'm 61. At first, my butt just started getting flatter. Then, it sort of settled into two or three plumpish wrinkles. However I started walking, working out with a trainer at the club, snow shoeing and walking and started to lose weight. I'm loving that, but YIKES, it looks like half of the weight came out of my already shrinking and sinking butt. Seriously, now my glutes are just wrinkly period. Not plump wrinkles either. Can I build that back at my age? Is this a development of getting older that has no solution? Or can your program help me. Remember, it's the lower glutes where it's all settling. HELP! I'll include my email here just in case you might could email, but I'll check back here also. I can do a workout program religiously. Motivation isn't a problem.

    If you think I am a good candidate, I"ll order the book asap. I'd appreciate so much if you could answer this. I just got a divorce this past summer and I'm dating a little. And, well, you know! I don't want to be having to try hiding everything as things develop. (The relationship, not the butt!)

  2. At 61 years old your skin will naturally have less elasticity then someone who is half your age. However, there is always room for improvement regardless of age. You mentioned that you just started working out so you’ll still go through the beginners phase of making quick progress as long as you are consistent with your workouts.

    I’d suggest that you stick to the program that the trainer has outlined for you at the gym for at least 6 weeks. But with that being said you should still read up and educate yourself about proper exercise and nutrition for building lean muscle. You’ll learn a lot of valuable tips and tricks in the e-books that I mentioned in the previous posts.