Monday, December 8, 2008

Can women do the same workouts as men?

I just got a good question the other day and I wanted to post up here for you to read. A lot of women are confused about weight training. They think that there is a difference between a "womans" workout and a "mans" workout. Or that if they workout with weights then they will get big and bulky. But it is just not the case as you'll see below...


Hi Lee,

My husband is a total believer in your workout routines on this website and he recommends it to me. What type of modifications should I make being a woman versus a man?




Hi Kay,

There is not much if any difference in the actual workouts regardless if you are male or female. Both men and women have the same major muscle groups and those muscle groups need to be trained with the same exercises.

A prime example of this is with myself and my girlfriend Patricia, we workout together as training partners and we do the exact same workouts set for set. The only difference is the weights we lift are in accordance to our own individual strength levels.

So even though I tend to word things from a man's perspective (as the majority of my website visitors are men), a woman can follow the exact same workouts that I have listed on my website.

Below are a couple recent pictures of my girlfriend Patricia and she got into this kind of shape following the weight training workouts that I recommend here on this site.


  1. Thanks for that. My Girlfriend has had the same concerns with weight training, and its good to have positive feedback so she can now attack her routine more confidently.

  2. When it comes to physical fitness, bodybuilding, nutrition, etc, I believe women are just as capable as men of achieving their goals. I mean you know... just tune in to some of these early morning talk shows and every now and then there's a women talking about how to get in shape, eat right, etc. A good example is the ( FIT TV CHANNEL )which has Cathe Friedrich 1 hour weight training sessions every other day. Her exercise sessions incorporate barbells & dumbbells, and its not light stuff either. On the following day she dose cardio. Let me tell ya she's got it going on. Cathe Friedrich is an exercise guru who has made at least 80 fitness videos. She's 43 and is on Fit TV doing her thing everyday. She has a few hardcore weight training series out there that men and women can use. Then theres my all time favorate womens bodybuilding champ CORY EVERSON Six time Miss Olympia.. She won four Big Ten pentathlon titles at the University of Wisconsin. She's still looking good! NUFF SAID! BYE NOW!