Friday, March 27, 2009

Total Fitness Bodybuilding Video Blog...

I just picked up a flip video camera and this is my initial test run video with it and I'm quite surprised with the overall video quality for such a small camera. I'm going to be using this camera to help me create even more workout and nutrition video clips along with a Total Fitness Bodybuilding DVD of the month program. This will provide you with more in depth training and nutrition information, motivation, along with practical tips that you can use day to day to make it easier to stick to a healthy bodybuilding lifestyle and build the lean muscular body that you truly want.


  1. Yo! Yo! Lee!
    You look great man! I've never seen you so cheerful. You look as happy as a kid who just got a brand new toy for Christmas. You seem to have made a full recovery, and that alone makes me happy. That flip video camera you bought looks really cool. I'm gonna have to get me one of those. As far as your plans, and ideas for the future, I think the future looks very bright for you. Its like I said in my past comments, the best of you is yet to come. You really know how to keep em coming back for more. Keeping it interesting... Sounds like a plan. Good job Lee. YOU DA MAN! You're as cool as ice! STAY COOL DUDE!
    Robert Valdes

  2. Hey Lee,

    Can you give me the model details of the camera? Looks very nice!

  3. Hey Lee,
    Can you give me the camera details, e.g. make and model. Looks very nice.

    All the best.

  4. Lee, I really appreciate what you do online. You are very helpful and straightforward with what you present. This camera will be a great help.