Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hand Grip Training - Working The Forearm Extensors With A Rubber Band

The forearm extensors are the most neglected muscle group when it comes to grip and forearm training. Most people just focus on the muscles that close the hand, but the forearm extensors (the muscles that open the hand) must be trained as well for maximal development. Just like you wouldn't train your biceps and forget about your triceps, the same idea applies when it comes to your forearms.

One of the best forearm extensor exercises for strengthening the grip is Rubber Band Finger Extensions.

Just get a thick rubber band and place your fingers and thumb inside the band. Spread your fingers as wide as possible, close them, and repeat. You can also do the same thing with your thumb and each finger individually.

This is also an excellent exercise for anyone who suffers from elbow tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome because it helps balance out the muscles in the wrists and forearms, which can help relieve the pain and strain on the tendons.


  1. Oohh lee! haha I would have never thought of that ay! I sort of neglect my forearms in work outs, like I know they are getting worked by arm base exercises but I can do this on the train on the way to uni! SWEET AS!
    Thanks mate,

  2. i get shooting sharp pains down my forearm mainly when im doing biceps...would this "hand grip training" help the pain go away??

  3. tendonitis and carpel tunnel would only be aggravated by this.

  4. thx for all Mr Lee

  5. Hey Lee,
    Adding rubber band finger exercises to your hand gripper routine. Lee... Don't you think that's stretching it a bit! HA! HA! just kidding. What are you going to come up with next. What about a ten toe rubber band gripper routine. don't forget I thought of it first! All jokes aside I think its a great addition to the gripper routine. Good job Lee. Your awesome! Thanks
    Robert Valdes

  6. thanks for showing that video ive always wanted to know how to train my forearms more intensivly thanks. i was woundering if you could help me out with my knees they get really sore after i workout my legs, is there anyway to get them stronger?

  7. If you currently have bad tendonitis in your elbows, forearms, etc. the best thing to do is take up to a week off from weight training to let the muscles and tendons recover. Then when you resume training avoid any exercises that feel painful and start incorporating this rubber band exercise into your routine. Just start off with a couple sets for each hand per day and then progress upwards from there.

    Like I mentioned in the video this exercise will help balance out the muscle development in your hands and forearms. Just think about it, when do you do any exercises or activities to open your hands against resistance? (i.e. hardly ever). Yet think of how often you do things to close your hands against resistance? (i.e. every time you pick up something). So is there any wonder why people develop muscle imbalances and then have tendon problems.

  8. As for some tips to work around a knee injury check out this video. (Note: you'll have to copy and paste the link into your web browser).