Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back Workout...

Today I trained back with a personal training client of mine. When possible I like to train with my clients. This helps them with their workouts because they can better see how to do the exercises while I’m training. And it works great for me because I get my workouts done and out of the way at the same time.

My workout consisted of…

A cardio warm up on the elliptical machine for 10 minutes.

Chest Supported T-Bar Rows:
3 sets of 6 reps with 4 plates

V-Bar Pull Downs:
3 sets of 6 reps with 200 lbs.

Face Pulls:
3 sets of 6 reps with 160 lbs.

Bodyweight Rows:
5 sets of 10 reps (50 total reps)

Note: all exercises are proceeded with 1-2 lighter warm up sets.

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