Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Junk food pyramid"

This is how bad I was after the show… I actually did a google image search for a “junk food pyramid” and then made up my mind to eat every single piece of junk food that was on the list… hahaha

Well, as of last night (after my post workout trip to Dairy Queen LOL) I officially crossed everything off of my junk food list.

It is insane how much junk food you can tuck away after a bodybuilding show…
Just to give you an idea, this is what I ate last night.

I had a post workout protein drink at the gym.

Then I went to Dairy Queen and had a chili cheese dog, fries, root beer, and DQ blizzard.

Then I went to the Tim Horton’s drive through and got 20 timbits which I ate while driving home.

Then when I got home I ate a protein bar because I was still hungry, I still wasn’t full and I could have eaten more, but I decided to stop at that and not be too much of a pig… LOL

Here is my "junk food pyramid"...
I actually ate everything on the list and a few extra things as well...

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