Saturday, June 7, 2008

I’m competing as a heavyweight…

The weigh-in for the competition was last night (Friday at 7:00 pm) and I knew I was going to have to “make weight”. I cut back on my carb intake and upped my fat intake on Friday to help reduce some water retention. I cut my water intake around noon. And I also went to the sauna before the weigh-in to try and sweat out some extra water.

I’ve never had to use the sauna before to make weight because I was always well within my desired weight class. But holy crap did I ever sweat like an SOB in the sauna!

I thought I was pretty dry to begin with but I spent at least 20 minutes in the sauna (i.e. go in for 7 or 8 minutes, come out and cool off, go back in, come out and cool off, etc.). And afterwards I had veins and striations running from head to toe that I never seen before, it was crazy!

Anyway I went on to the weigh-in from there, not eating or drinking anything in hopes of making the light-heavyweight class which is 198 lbs. But when it was all said and done I weighed-in at 201 lbs. so I’m going to compete as a heavyweight.

I guess from now on I’ll always be competing as a heavyweight in the future and work on moving up in that weight class, because I don’t plan on getting any smaller :-)

It could actually work out good for me because my biggest competition in the show is a light-heavyweight guy. So now we’ll most likely win our weight classes and go on to the overall in the night show. This tends to work in my favour because I generally sharpen up a fair bit between the pre-judging in the morning and the finals in the night.

Anyway, I’m going to slap on another coat of pro-tan and get ready to head to the pre-judging…
If I get a chance to post any pics today I will… But if I don’t have time I’ll post them up after the show.

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  1. How did you do in your show? I've had the same situations happen. Had to do extra cardio and/or sauna to make the weightclass.