Monday, June 16, 2008

Heading To Sunny California…

Tomorrow morning I'm going to be flying to Los Angeles for an Internet marketing seminar. I'm really looking forward to it because I've never been to California before.

The actual seminar itself isn't until next weekend, but I'm getting there a few days earlier so I can make a little holiday out of it and enjoy some fun in the sun.

Here in Newfoundland all we have been getting is fog and rain for the past several days.

On my things to do list I've got planned to get in a workout on Muscle Beach and also at Gold’s Gym Venice so I can act out my own little "Pumping Iron" fantasy... I just watched the Pumping Iron movie a few days ago for the 1000th time so I'm all "pyched up" and ready to go hahaha...

Heck, I might as well give Arnold and Franco a call and see if they are up for a workout... LOL

I will be taking loads of pics and posting them up here when I get back.


  1. Hey Lee!

    Which Seminar are you flying in for?

    [i live about 60 miles south & a little east of LA]

    I need the info for my blog!

    Thank you,

    Pam Hoffman

  2. Hi Pam, Sorry for the delay in responding, but I was in LA for the Guru Mastermind Seminar.

    Their website is: